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What is Wimsy?

Wimsy is a mobile app that allows you to take control of your creativity. Wimsy allows you to create Cards with notes, photos and videos. You can organize your Cards into Decks and back them up to your own server. You can also publish your cards to your own website.

Wimsy is currently in beta for Android devices. You can download it at the Google Play store here:

Creating a card is easy once you've downloaded and installed wimsy. Start by clicking one of the icons at the top of the home screen. The first icon is used to create note cards (text only). The second icon is for photograph cards. The third is for video cards.

How to create a card using Wimsy - Click on an icon at the top of the home screen.

Every card you create can have a title and description. Saving the card adds it to your current Deck. You can create an unlimited number of Cards.

Add a card using Wimsy - Saving a card adds it to your current deck.

Note: Some cards can take a long time to back-up or publish depending on the resolution/size of the photo or video. Your internet speed may also be a factor in upload times.

A Deck is a collection of Cards. You access your Decks via the main menu.

Create Decks with Wimsy - Access your Decks using the Main Menu.

You can add as many decks as you like.

Unlimited Decks with Wimsy - Add as many as you like.

Each deck can be backed-up and published to your own server.

Add Decks to Wimsy - Enable server back-up and website publishing.

Wimsy can automatically backup your decks and cards to your own server.

Backup your content with Wimsy - Keep a copy of your decks and cards on your own server.

Note: We highly recommend that you do not backup your cards to a publicly available folder on your server. Use the website publishing option to make your decks and cards available from your website.

You can publish your decks and cards to your own website. Visit your Deck settings and enable Website Publishing.

Publish your Decks and Cards with Wimsy - Configure your server for website publishing.

You don't have to publish the entire deck. You can pick and choose which cards get published.

Publish your content with Wimsy - Pick and choose which content to publish on your own website.

Note: High resolution videos and photos may take a while to upload depending on the file size and your internet speed.

Wimsy is completely free! Join us!.

Download the app and help spread the word.

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