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Save and publish notes, photos and videos to your own server.

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  • Notes

    See or hear something inspiring? Need to jot something down for later? Capture notes and ideas on the spot, quickly and easily.

  • Secure Back-up

    Do you worry about evil-empires having your data? We do. Back up all of your content on your own Server. All you need is hosting space and an FTP or SFTP connection. Only you know it's there!

  • Photos

    See something amazing? Quickly snap photos to remember to the moment. You can also post a note to remember the context later.

  • Publish

    With your content back-up to your own server, publish it to your website with one click. Make your own site the original source for your content, the way it should be!

  • Videos

    Excitement happening all around? Capture events with video. You can also leave notes to describe all the action, ready to publish.

  • Share

    Share notes, photos and videos without giving up your creative rights. Share links from your wimsy site directly, only granting social media companies 'fair use' access.

Why Wimsy?

Your thoughts. Your ideas. Your creations.

Wimsy was built on the core idea that your thoughts and creations belong to you, not corporations. Large social networks and video sharing services exist to capture and monetize your creativity and self expression. They take your content and sell viewership rights to advertisers, who then use it to sell people stuff they don't need. Is this really the best use of the Internet? Is it the best use of your creative efforts? It's time to take your content back. Wimsy helps you retain control of your content and share what you want, when you want, without giving your rights away.

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Benefits of using the Wimsy app.


You, and only you, have copies of your content. It is never stored off your device or server of your choice. Use Wimsy to create and manage your own brand. Use your content to drive traffic to your site. It's all yours!
With wimsy, you retain control of all copyrights related to your creative works. By only sharing links to your content, social media companies can't use it for monetary purposes or claim licensing rights.
Your notes, photos and videos are saved on your own server. Only you have access. Only you control what, where and when to publish. We DO NOT save or make copies of your login information or files.

Use With Your Own Server

Automatic back-up with simple website publishing

Saving your thoughts and creations couldn't be easier. Wimsy automatically saves everything you create. You can also configure your own server as a back-up using FTP or SFTP. Want to share your content with the world? Quickly and easily publish content to your own website with the push of a button. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Wimsy is completely free! Join us!.

Download the app and help spread the word.

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